"Some companies are formed with a meaning behind their name and mines is no different. I decided to name my company after my daughter.  She is my motivation and a constant source of inspiration. It was because of her I decided to futher my education in jewellery and persue a career in it. Therefore it seemed a nice and fitting idea to incorporate her into my name.


I never started out with the intention to become a jeweller. My initial 'dream job' was always to be a zoologist. I studied my first year of this course at Glasgow University only to discover quickly it was not for me. After a year out it was actually my dad who pushed me towards jewellery. He told me there would only be two career paths nature based or creative based. So at 3am one morning I applied to jewellery course. Four years later including one year maternity leave I am now in my 4th year of study in jewellery. It is honestly the only time I have loved educaion and truley feel happy with where my future career is heading.


The highlight of my jewellery career/education so far is recieving an honourable mention from the company Gemvision in the student render category. It was a complete suprise and a nice confirmation of how far I have advanced that I am noticed especially in such an international company/competition. It is most definetly a proud moment for myself."